Cable internet

Cable Internet in Aleksinac and Prokuplje

Cable Internet or Broadband Cable Internet Service is a service that provides users to connect to the Internet using the existing cable (HFC) infrastructure, through which primarily are distributed cable TV programs.

What are the advantages of cable Internet access?

  • permanent wired Internet access – 24h
  • for data transmission telephone line is not used – you do not have to pay phone to use the Internet
  • direct connection to the service provider, independent of phone infrastructure operator
  • higher data rates compared to ADSL technology, especially on DOCSIS3.0 and DOCSIS3.1 systems
  • without the purchase of equipment for the end user, the device is given for use
  • connectivity for only 1 day!
  • a high level of reliability and availability

To access the Internet via the CDS, cable modem is only required, which easily connects to your computer via the Ethernet interface, and cable television signal reception is not disruptive. Thus, it is possible to simultaneously watch the TV program and use cable Internet.

Cable modem is a device similar to the classic external modem with the difference that instead of a phone line, it is connected to the cable network (coaxial cable), and its function is like the classic, modulation and demodulation cable signal from the base band into a form suitable for transmission through cable network. Most cable modems has the ability to connect to a computer via a USB port or a network device (switch or hub) and the computer registers it as a network adapter.

The equipment provides “Pogled”. Cable modem is given for use free of charge. Afterwards, cable modem and cables are returned to “Pogled”. Price of installed equipment is according to the current price list.



2/0.5 mbps

4/0.7 mbps

6/1 mbps

10/1 mbps

12/1 mbps

15/1.5 mbps

24 months

520 rsd

660 rsd

810 rsd

1050 rsd

1200 rsd

1400 rsd

12 months

600 rsd

760 rsd

930 rsd

1180 rsd

1400 rsd

1600 rsd



780 rsd

980 rsd

1210 rsd

1520 rsd

1800 rsd

2100 rsd

  • All prices include VAT.
  • For business users prices in the table are without VAT
  • Use of a static public IP address is 400 rsd

  • during the period of the contract, price of the Internet does not change
  • during the period of promotions and actions installation and commissioning are free
  • during the contract period of 12/24 months you must be an active subscriber of cable television
  • you get modem to use free of charge, on revers

  • the price of equipment, installation and commissioning is according to the current price list
  • to use the internet you have to be active user of cable television in the period of use of the Internet (can not use the Internet without television)

If there is a technical possibility of wireless Internet users can switch to cable internet!

Internet access users receive some extra advantages:

– 1 mail for user (mail box size – 50 MB)
– reading and sending e-mails via mobile phone, web mail access
– antivirus and antispam protection

Internet access users can also use services such as:

domain registration
– web hosting

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